A fun way to learn joined-up handwriting on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

abc Joined Up interactive handwriting app

About the app

abc Joined Up is an educational handwriting app for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

It teaches your child how to:

  • Write the alphabet cursively
  • Join letters correctly
  • Write words in cursive script
  • Recognise letters by their sounds
  • Sequencing sounds in words

Kids love using abc Joined Up because it shows them how to write cursively in a fun and enjoyable way and is based on a proven method used successfully by 1000s of children.

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abc Joined Up provides positive and supportive feedback and celebrates success. It is based on a method of teaching cursive handwriting developed by a UK Literacy teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. Since its introduction in 2005 this method has helped thousands of children master cursive handwriting.

The app has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

Beginner Level teaches children to recognise letters by their sounds and to write individual cursive letters correctly on the screen with their fingers.

Intermediate Level shows children how to recognise letters and blends by their sounds and to join letters together correctly on the screen with their fingers.

Expert Level teaches children to sequence the sounds they can hear in a word and then join the letter together and write the word correctly on the screen using a finger or a stylus.


Educational App Store

Educational App Store

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UK Safer Internet Centre BEST CONTENT FOR KIDS award

abc Joined Up Handwriting App Wins ‘BEST CONTENT FOR KIDS’ COMPETITION

The judges were “impressed by the accessibility and clean look of the app and appreciated the practical educational value of the app to help develop cursive handwriting skills and improve reading and writing.”

UK Safer Internet Centre

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