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abc Joined Up is an interactive iPad app based on Letter Layers, a structured methodology for teaching handwriting developed by a Literacy specialist at a London primary school. It was originally developed as part of a multi-sensory programme to help children who were having problems developing early literacy skills and was influenced by the ideas of Marie Clay, a leading authority on developing literacy skills, which its designer studied as part of her Masters in Special Educational Needs.

Our apps are used by thousands of children in schools and at home.

abc Joined Up

The introduction of interactive iPhones and iPad presented an opportunity to add more functionality by enabling children to practise writing letters and words on the iPad screen in a structured manner and led to the development of abc Joined Up. Since its launch, over 20,000 copies of abc Joined Up have been down loaded by parents and a growing number of schools.


  • Best handwriting app for Early Years by iPad For Kids magazine
  • Winner of ‘Best Content’ by the Safer Internet centre and UK entry for a Europe-wide competition sponsored by the EU.


Use the links below to see two videos - a child using abc Joined Up at school and a pre-schooler using it at home:


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Write Upper Case! Print and Cursive

This app helps children learn to write joined up and printed versions of uppercase letters. It also has a settings option for teaching American style cursive.

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Letter Layers

Our first product, Letter Layers, designed for PCs, shows children the elements or layers that form cursive letters and how to assemble them using a mouse. It is used on interactive whiteboards in many schools.

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